Wisdom for Today


The Robe of Righteousness Ministries International is a Ministry on the Cutting Edge, Spreading the Unlimited Fragrance of God’s Love, Glory, Wisdom, Healing, and Revival to the Nations.

RORMI Southport Healing Glory Meeting_October 2014


    • To bear Effective Apostolic and Prophetic Witness to the Truth of the Gospel using every available voice or channel–establishing the kingdom of heaven on earth.
    • To make disciples, train, equip, and build up the body of Christ for the work of the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    • To provoke divine intimacy, manifest the true worship of God, and create atmospheres of glory on earth through sincere and effective extravagant praise and worship.
    • To spread the unlimited fragrance of God’s love, healing power, deliverance, and revival to people of all nations.
    • To establish a global army of dedicated prayer warriors who will cover the earth with prayer, reaping the end-time uncommon supernatural harvest.